The Best Drugstore Beauty Product of All Time

Sofie and I hung out again. We went for drinks and did some rap squats (ask Sofie about that sometime) and I got to meet some of her friends, including one of our longtime followers Julia (pixie-dicks). She asked me to write this post, because I was talking to her about the best eyeliner ever. I’ve mentioned the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil before but I’ve never dedicated a post to the stuff.

It’s matte. It’s black. It stays. The staying power and pigment is better than the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. The only thing is, you can buy nine of these for the price of one Urban Decay pencil, as they’re $2.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart. You just have to look past the tacky display. I tend to purchase these in twos because I like keeping one on my vanity, one in my purse, and a spare. I need to write a post outlining how I organize my makeup. I moved all of my lipsticks to the table in my entrance way and I’ve been wearing a different colour every day because they’re all laid out for me as I leave the house.  

Back to the subject at hand. Eyeliner is one of those cosmetics that’s extremely subjective and most people tend to stick to their favourite once they find it. This one may not be good for drawing fine lines or cat eyes, but it’s perfect for days when I just want a simple black line. I’ve tried other formulas and brands but I always come back to this stick because it’s a gel formula in a self-sharpening pencil. As far as lazy beauty products go, this one checks all the boxes.

What’s your favourite drugstore product?

- Kennedy

Let’s Talk About Perfume: Elizabeth & James Nirvana White

When these first came out, I appropriately lost my shit. I ran to Sephora to smell them, and fell for the black one. I still like it a fair amount— I like the spiciness of the sandalwood, but over time, I kind of realized that there can be too much of a good thing. 


When Kennedy first bought herself the Nirvana White rollerball (in a post which I tried to find the link for but failed), I was like, oh yeah, cool! I’ll get the black one and we can be opposite twinsies! Woo! Beauty blogging! But as time went on, I debated my decision more and more.

I smelled both perfumes on the regular, and found the white one started to grow on me. At some point, I liked both of them the same amount. And then.. the change began.

I went to Sephora today to pick up some necessities and, since I’ve been spending a lot of time around someone I want to impress, I decided to pick up a perfume rollerball so I can refresh my scent on the go. I asked said person to smell both of them, and she liked the white one. Since I want to smell appealing, that’s the one I got.

I still think I’m going to pick up a black one just because I like to think that it goes with my angry, all-black aesthetic 80% of the time, but I would have ended up buying the white one eventually just because I don’t like to have an incomplete series. But I digress. Let’s talk about this perfume.

Nirvana white seems to have pretty decent staying powder. I rubbed a bit on my wrist about three hours ago, and I can still get a whiff.

Described as “a captivating blend of delicate peony, chic muguet, and tender musk for a feminine scent with dark sophistication,” the perfume itself smells pretty much like that. There’s some nice bitter aftertaste in it, which is barely there after the first initial whiff, but that becomes more obvious after you smell it once and realize where it is, and then smell it more trying to find it. Then you can smell the muskiness a little bit more, which is really nice.

As far as scents and layering goes, I don’t think this is a particularly complex layer, but I do enjoy the ~juxtaposition of musk and the light delicacy of the florals. I really like this perfume, but it definitely grew on me. At first, I thought it was much to sweet and flowery, and not my type— and I tend to be a person who goes for very Tom Ford-style bitter, dirty perfumes, and also light, airy stuff for casual days, like Prada’s Candy, which I’ve been wearing almost every day.

Perfume is really cool, I think, because it can either match perfectly with your outfit/look, or it can be totally different and be a different vibe, but it always works if you wear it the way you believe you want. Like, an all-black evil outfit with a girly sugary perfume could totally work. Very Lolita.

Anyway, this is a nice smell. I’m glad I bought it. Sensitive, with just the right amount of dirty.